Unnecessary Opposition

Street Justice “No Holds Barred!”


Everyone has experienced the effects of gossip in one way or another. If you have ever been a victim of vicious gossip, then you already know how people will condemn you without allowing you an opportunity to defend yourself.

I would like to believe that; as human beings, we have progressed from the days of blatant, deliberate inhumane treatment of other human beings.
I had hope that the days of witch trials and the violent lynch mobs of people exacting vengeance were a thing of the past…but I am not so sure that we have truly progressed to the point where we should be as an evolved species.
When faced with having to handle the effects of mild gossip, one may have to learn to develop a ‘thick-skin’ while combating false rumors. The problem comes when the level of gossip or rumors initiate emotional public outrage. That’s when the gloves come off, No Holds Barred! 
An example would be any situation involving children, elderly or a senseless loss of life. This is when it becomes serious or dangerous for the victim because these rumors or gossip can be used to induce a form of street justice. People armed with misinformation and half truths, taking matters in their own hands.
Street justice relies on someone gossiping or delivering messages regarding a personal tragedy. Remember, with each translation of events, there are opportunities for error and are usually one-sided. 
In these cases, each individual gossiper’s version begin wherever they elect and usually not at the beginning.
Recently, I was told that no one cares about people’s personal tragedies but I know that this is not true. I know that not only do people care about them but personal tragedies are also triggers used when some are exacting street justice.  
In this Article, I intend to address the street justice or vengeance which is currently flooding our streets and spreading through our cities like wildfires.
It usually begins with a horrible act(s) of violence, followed by grief which forms into blind vengeance or a thirst for revenge.
In street justice, decisions are usually made out of anger and ends with someone pointing a finger at parties or individuals who are not the actual culprits. These unfortunate victims may become scapegoats designed to appease an angry crowd. Let’s not forget about those who are not emotionally involved but only seek to take advantage of an opportunity to join in the persecution. 
Understand that there is no such thing as Street + Justice, only Street Vengeance.
Even in street justice, there is a possibility for corruption. Not to mention, there are those who are able to manipulate events in their own favor. 

Those exacting street justice is no better than those who are in a position to effect change but who conspire to deny our rights in seeking true justice.
Those enacting Street Justice are depriving individuals an opportunity to be heard or in some cases, they may not even know what they have been accused of or why they are being persecuted. 
Let’s face it, situations are never entirely what they appear to be. It is easier for some to try to take out your frustrations on any one individual. They say that no one is innocent but not everyone is automatically guilty just because they are different or not a part of your group.
This form of justice can be corrupted because anyone can easily initiate a course of action that jeopardizes the lives of innocent individuals. Retaliation breeds more street justice and violence but everyone is so twisted and easy to influence because emotions are high. 

In all this, please believe that there are entities adding fuel to the fire for personal reasons.
I have witnessed Street justice become more like CYA (Cover Your Ass) for some when they begin to use street justice as a means to influence and manipulate events in their favor. Covering themselves by blaming others in the hopes that someone will do their bidding for them. Therefore, street justice can and is used to mislead and divert attention away from the real culprits. 

Getting What You Pay For?

The effects of street justice is not limited to the streets because it is people who fuel the fire and it goes where they are. People will band together against any individual if
they believe that there is justification.
Each time that I attempted to pursue my efforts to obtain representation, seemingly there is always some sort of misdirection, favors given to others, threats, etc… I have not been privy to the same information that others were provided so I don’t know specifics. I only know that I was blamed for horrible things.
It is clear that all of my documentation demonstrates too many coincidences, proving foul play and definitely raises questions; yet, others treat me like I don’t deserve a right to live or as if I am some evil mastermind.

Let’s just say that the public is eating up the gossip initiated obviously by those who are in positions and/or including those who have profited. 

I have heard so many horror stories about Paul Allen, David McPherson, Larry Hatcher and Larry ‘Roc’ Campbell… that I don’t even listen to the lies anymore. I had attempted to move on and to refrain from attempting to make sense of the misinformation but my immediate public makes it clear that it’s not possible.

The real questions that should be asked are, 

“How and why does so many have access to interfere?

Why is it so important to so many that my titles/books exposing corruption and abuse are not supported?

Why is this type of persecution allowed and encouraged?

Of course, I expect the same unwillingness, stubborn and haughty responses from those who have allowed and/or perpetrated these schemes which keep individuals subjected to this kind of street justice. However, I was not expecting to experience that street mentality when conducting business with major companies. I am not referring to the standard employee complaints but these incidences include the assistance of management.
Those entities that have made it a point to involve themselves in these infringements of civil rights violations by assisting in violating the ‘unfair competition laws’ and the use of intimidation tactics.
All of this ‘boys club’ thinking and ‘looking out for your buddies’ is going to jeopardize your reputations and question your motives or participation in unethical behavior and reflect poorly on your businesses. 

If these companies standby idly while allowing and/or encouraging their representatives to exact street justice on their customers and affect business, they are libel under ‘Superior Respondeat.’ 

Not to mention the many other small business customers that may be impacted by this kind of unprofessional behavior. When you sell a service or product, you have a responsibility to provide that service no matter how many millions a company may have.

Bad Business

Seven West Productions has compiled a set of publications which demonstrate firsthand what traps await our young aspiring artist by providing detailed information regarding methods and tactics used. 
There are no other books that will provide extensive knowledge regarding the process of stealing the Artist lives. 
These Books are not easily accessible through mainstream publishers due to the information provided within conflicts with the goals of a billion dollar industry.

Along the way I was met with extreme opposition and I have faced many obstacles from individuals and unsuspecting entities.

I wanted to share some of them with those who would like to know what some small businesses may face when competing or attempting to conduct business that may affect big business.


I have listed a few questionable instances affecting a single company that when compiled demonstrate and unnatural amount of opposition. I can firmly state that the numbers don’t lie and the odds of any single company having so many incidents of untimely, unexplained issues with services or products are rare.

Obviously, the subject matter is very interesting, because there is definite interest and shown by the number of views and website visits. I enjoy sharing my experiences; especially, when I know that it can help those who may need the information that no one else is willing to share. 

Although, I may not be charming and socially outgoing but I am not the type of person that would be able to allow anyone to walk into a burning building and not warn them. That’s what my publications are meant to do, serve as a warning to potential victims of a cruel system that is set in place to victimize.

There is no earthly reason why I have only sold (5) five copies of any of my books in over (2) two years. Obviously, their is interest in this topic and this type of product is definitely rare and unlike most products. 






stats for blogger visitors

(As of October 13, 2015….)

The numbers confirm interest: yet, the lack of sales demonstrate an unnatural response.
I can firmly state that the numbers don’t lie and the odds of any single company having so many incidents of untimely, unexplained issues with services or products and no Sales are rare.
Combined events can easily be the results of the use of mass manipulation and the effects of 
Street Justice!

10,441 Views on this Blog

Yes, I know that I cannot possibly be the only one facing similar issues but I am the only one that has to fight everyone  from individuals to companies – consistently on this level. Review the multitude of documents that show all the games from minor to O.M.G.!

I have provided some documentation which clearly demonstrates Unfair Trade Practices:


Google Books – did not have title listed in alphabetical order, showed different prices than as agreed through Createspace. Used links to sell and promote other books, shrunk cover, placed in wrong category…

Google search – listed title for $0.99 instead of the accurate price of $19.99 while promoting other titles, image search associated book to demeaning images

URL links which provide supporting documentation are available for your review at the end of this blog!

Amazon – did not have the title listed in alphabetical order, showed different prices than as agreed through Createspace. Used links to sell and promote other books. Instances where buyers advised having trouble downloading…

NEW! Updated November 30, 2014
Amazon shows book for sell and active under 7westpublishing seller account but search shows not
available or temporarily out of stock.

Amazon search for Music
Business It’s a Dirty Game AND ISBN 978-0-98962253-0

but results say that this title is out of stock and/or unavailable…
This is unfair trade practices if my seller account says that it is for sell and active but not
showing under search!
Amazon search shows book but says unavailable or out of stock but my seller account show active:


EBay – There was use of my photos and a suspicious seller with alleged higher ranking after I forwarded my potential buyers to eBay for purchase at one price they had it a lower price. I spent hours and days sending potential customer to my eBay page only to find out about this suspicious seller. The seller was removed after I released a blog on them.

If there were no sells than how would there be any other sellers have this title, not to mention to this day I have been advised that there were no sales.


Web.com – Their personnel repeatedly, deliberately changed website headers, re-routed links, refused assistance, denied access to supervisor,

Not Kickstarter directly but someone thwarted a supporter/support for project investor (investor suddenly has no account after volunteering to support my entire campaign) possibly subjected to hardship similar to other unnatural, unexplained and unaddressed incidents.

Worldpay – SWP, LLC requested a direct merchant/gateway set-up without using a third party. After 2) two months and (5) five attempts to set up a merchant/gateway account for Seven West Productions. Worldpay reps and manager states that in order to use Worldpay direct without using a third party, your company must sell a large dollar amount..

They incorrectly opened up (5) five merchant/gateway accounts and one rep told me that I had to take the set-up that she was giving me. Each time they opened an account incorrectly, I requested immediate closure.

Even after requesting that their reps. to stop sending me DocuSign docs, they continued as if intended to harass.

Their manager confirmed that all accounts were closed and that there would be no fees since they were not able to open SWP, LLC a direct merchant/gateway.

Worldpay (cont.) – One of these incorrectly set-up accounts that was closed was then sent to a third party collection agency within 1-2 weeks from account closure. 

There was no justification for Worldpay to forward any bill to a (3) third-party collection agency against SWP, LLC and my company had not been established (30) days yet. 
So instead of being able to focus on other important details of conducting business, I was forced to contact both – Worldpay manager and the (3) third-party collection agency regarding a bill sent to collections on my two week old established LLC.

URL links which provide supporting documentation are available for your review at the end of this blog!

Dun & Bradstreet

SWP, LLC signed up for Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp to assist with establishing and maintaining trade references. While logged in, I was shown good numbers, stats and social media networks were all verified and in order. However, when I searched for my company when not logged in, I was shown completely different information.

A public view of my company’s profile displayed incomplete and unverified information while forwarding my urls to forbidden websites; as if I had not spent hours and days updating and added my company information, contacts and social media links.

This was not an issue of not utilizing their service but my actual links were re-routed and information removed. They did not provide the service that my company paid $99.00 per month for.

Ultimately, I finally received a callback regarding the difference between the public views and my logged in view. Even after submitting them with print screens showing issues and errors were not on my end, they refused my request for refund for not providing the service. Any other company facing the same concerns would have been addressed properly and promptly.

Regardless of how popular or large a company may be, you do not always get what you pay for when subscribing and purchasing products or services.

It has always been necessary to double check and manage all aspects of my business; especially, one that is so controversial in nature. I would suggest that any business owner should schedule or delegate the duty to follow-up, confirm and maintain all services that they are paying for to ensure that other companies are actually providing the services or products that you purchase.

For more supporting documentation, visit:

Unfair and Unnecessary Opposition


Don’t assume, handle your business by following up!

URL links which provide supporting documentation are 
available for your review at:

Getting What You  Deserve?

People always say that I’m getting what I deserve…Then please by all means tell me exactly what it is
that others deserve!
The Public will convict without even being presented with proof. People just accept what they
are told and most just join in exacting street justice… what is it that they deserve?
Although I consider their actions unwarranted, I have got to share my truly hilarious experiences with
Black Planet, Myspace and Music Choice.
I opened up a Black Planet page with a few head-shots and some information about myself but within less
than twenty-four hours, my entire profile page was coincidentally deleted without
This was around the same time that I was told that ALL black men had supposedly barred me from
relationships (which I found to be a ridiculous idea). 

Shortly afterward, I found myself seeing a local surgeon socially. After three dates he informed
me that he had been contacted about me and he was told that I was trouble. I
never even told him my full name but still I was not surprised.
I must admit that my feelings were hurt but by this time and because of the games, I became celibate
and had begun to prevent myself from becoming attached emotionally because I don’t
have time to play games.
I also have to mention that my Myspace songs were all deleted recently. I discovered their new owner’s
relationship to the record labels involved with my allegations of copyright
Let’s not forget about my first title which was written exposing the methods used to steal artist works.
Once again, I am supposed to assume that these continued coincidences are not intentional irritants
initiated as some form of harassment or street justice.
It is important to understand that there are other compounded situations and background that are available in the other titles that would explain further motives besides the obvious.
I have never been able to maintain steady employment; even after stellar performance reviews, perfect attendance, and outstanding stats because there has always been someone their manipulating events to portray the negative. I have been told that we like you but unfortunately upper management has decided to let you go.

I have always tried to maintain employment because this was one of the reasons that the public tried to use when I was denied rights…’they’ claimed that I had never worked for a living back in the 90’s. After my divorce, I actually had to work but there weren’t many opportunities for me, mostly just threats.
The entire Unemployment office was turned upside down shortly after an upper level manager decided to give me an opportunity to work for the State of Nevada.

I was saddened by the forced retirements, firings and reorganization that occurred shortly after the big boss at the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation decided to give me an offer of employment. This offer came within two weeks of a $1500-2500 bonus that I was supposed to receive from my then current employment at AT&T (needless to say, I did not receive the bonus). 

I was so excited because I felt that my hard work had finally paid off and I really liked the big boss. He was kind, firm but soft spoken and he was a genuinely decent human being.

Well that bubble was burst when all state employees were advised that our insurance premiums would increase and that we would have to endure a pay freeze. The next thing that I noticed was a flood of retirement parties that were initiated by new changes that made it beneficial for those in upper management to retire, than to stay.
Suddenly, I had managers try to accuse me of being rude to Unemployment Claimants but that was definitely untrue. I was adamant that this was not true and soon they claimed that there was some kind of error.

That is when I noticed that the worst possible candidate for promotion was then promoted and boy was he a jerk. He could not wait to fire me without cause. He called twenty-four hours after I had major surgery to let me know that my position was intermediate and that they had chosen not to continue employing me. I could hear the joy in his voice but this was nothing new. 

Usually, I am confronted by large groups of people who behave as if they have been given instructions to harass in an effort to cause distress.


I have never deliberately sought out tom harm ANYONE and there is no true justification for denying my civil rights. Just because no one cares about me does not make this injustice justifiable. 

It is impossible for someone who has been abused for so long to pretend to be charming. If you repeatedly have to defend yourself and deflect verbally, you will eventually become an expert.


While watching others, I noticed that some friends and family were able to successfully obtain assistance in simple matters. Many of my friends were able to represent themselves in vehicular accidents and successfully obtained tens of thousands of dollars in settlements. 

I have been a victim of three vehicle accidents in the last seven years; yet, two of these accidents left me jobless which lead to me losing my apartments and I wasn’t even able to have my doctor bills paid. Even when I was young, hopeful and kind, I watched everyone around me have a life while everything that I reach for was blocked.

After many years of being subjected to repeated abuse and many other violations; both, physical and emotionally, the major publisher’s response was to deny. I was harassed daily in every aspect of my life. I was intimidated, threatened and made to feel invisible.
I don’t condone harming anyone unless in self-defense. I didn’t make anyone do anything and I did not seek to cause harm to others but those involved in assisting with stealing musical works for their profit and assisting the system in violating rights, cannot say the same.
When those who try to so-called punish or isolate those who stand against them only demonstrates their ignorance and need to elevate themselves. Of course, I found out that these entities are closely related to the industry or simply are taken in by the manipulations of dangerous gossip.

It’s like coming in on a fight in the last five minutes and claiming you know
every blow…

You only know what you have heard and unless you sacrifice your entire life
watching nonstop from beginning to end you really don’t know everything that
you think you know about someone and their situation.

Below is a recent message directed towards my ‘situation’:

Below is an example of the violence directly towards me. This is what I face from complete strangers but I guess it’s okay because situations have been manipulated by people in positions…


 This was posted online…



Really? Did he say, ‘Stab them in the
face in front of everyone…?’



He admits that this was directed towards me but I do not know this person but he refers to me as a liar.

He was not there, he has not reviewed my account of what transpired and he has not looked at any
of the incidents or events which are covered in 
Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!
He has just accepted my public conviction and has found me guilty but he does not know anything about me.
Am I expected to carry the weight of all that has transpired without an opportunity to refute or challenge accusations while people sneakily deprive me of my rights plus any and all opportunities. 
It’s not like I have a choice, If I don’t fight back then I would be forever unable to refute their lies and prove my stance is justified. People have peeked in to see the angry me but they were not there in the beginning while the plotting by each and all was going. 
In my situation, one of the first things that I did was to seek counsel. I sought counsel in Michigan, Las Vegas, NV and Atlanta, GA. I contacted a number of groups, agencies and organizations across the world for assistance.
It’s very important to explain that I have made every effort to try to correct this injustice. Understanding the complexity of this world and its court system, I reached out to many for assistance by providing supporting documentation and requested intervention from the beginning.
After being targeted for one or both reasons, I have had multiple musical works that I have created – stolen, gutted, and used to inflict harm against me.

These same works generated hundreds of millions of dollars for others; yet, I received nothing but threats. Instinctively knowing that there is a definite connection between the use of my works and my inability to receive any type of assistance in bringing the culprits to justice. 

This is difficult to accept especially after presenting supporting documents to substantiate my claims. I did not kill anyone! I just wrote lyrics and melodies but everyone manipulated and schemed so that they could profit from my demise…but I refused to die.

These continued incidents are instigated in the hopes that this will ensure that no one will support your fight for justice.
Those in or associated with the music industry have engaged in, encouraged and have allowed violent acts to incur solely due to their pride, greed and hate. While behind the scenes, the hurting of others continue so that they will hate you too…this is not a game!
Everything in these Articles and Books are based on fact and can be substantiated with documentation from public record. I only wish that I had someone take the time to share even a tiny bit of the information with me prior to my decision to pursue a career in the music industry.

I feel that these Articles and books differ because it doesn’t just give you words from one person’s viewpoint, it provides step by step documentation proving how the artist works are stolen and how they are able to continue stealing lives with this modern day form of enslavement.

These book use a contract with major music publisher, copyrights, court records, personal experience and more to demonstrate tactics used to steal, oppress and destroy lives.

To continue reading, please click here!




Pressure is applied to persuade anyone and everyone to assist with the dehumanizing tactics designed to strip individuals of their dignity, spirit and their very soul.

There are different methods used but first and foremost there is a great possibility– your family and friends will begin to play mind games with you in what I call the ‘Love me, Love me not’ game. At least that is one of the most notable tactics and most emotionally harmful methods use to initiate distress.

I also noticed that money is the tool most used to suppress. Whether its budgets cuts or payoffs, it happens on a large scale to push the public in a specific direction.

Situations are manipulated to portray you as something undesirable or undeserving with the hopes that pressure will be applied for the purpose of breaking you in any way possible.

Most are just looking for reasons to belittle you in an effort to elevate themselves. In some cases, events are created to instill fear and hate towards an individual so that the masses will respond in turn.

As you began to withdraw from your normal routines and become more aware of your surroundings, you will begin to notice the differences in how you are received by strangers. Passersby’s and strangers will began to make you uncomfortable with their comments and mocking.

Everyone is so caught up in their own day to day that most they don’t bother to recognize others grief until it reaches their door. This is when those in position manipulate situations to allow for violence to continue as a warning or threat. There are also those instances where onlookers see an opportunity to express their negative input.

Take a moment and go online to any controversial news article and read the comments listed. I can assure you even without knowing which article that you have selected, there will be a majority of ignorant unrelated comments expressing a crude opinion based on hate or discriminatory practices. This simply describes the unhappy, wicked element that rears its ugly head in our society.

Now imagine how many controversial articles or news stories that are generated daily. Assume each controversial article and each hostile comment represents a person or individual in your community, would you be able to communicate to the hate filled commenter or even understand the controversial person. Probably not, due to the fact that everyone is just standing by or too self-absorbed to even notice the wars on their steps. In addition to the mini wars, people are sucked into the media mindset and easily succumb to misdirection. Usually, violence is immediately blamed on gangs or is depicted as being one lone incident.

It never fails to surprise me how quickly the attention turns away from the controversial important issues. I have always made reference to some news reporters as being cold and callous when delivering the news.

News- “Two bodies were found shot this morning on the cities west-side near an abandoned building… but on the lighter side of the news. Today, is ‘national wash your dog day’ or something utterly ridiculous and not even news worthy spoken within minutes.

That used to concern me but lately out of all the events happening in the world I find the stories that are selected as being part of a bigger picture. There are a lot of newsworthy

incidents that do not obtain any press and I have found that certain articles do not even allow for comments while others have plenty.

Contrary to what I used to believe, I have learned that there are opposing viewpoints in every issue. Articles, books, magazines are filled with the writer’s personal opinions, substantiated by whatever evidence is deemed sufficient.

I have found that some are influenced or manipulated, especially, with regards to big money issues. For instance, recently, many have spoken out against the tobacco industry stating that there are over 30 thirty chemicals and toxins inside cigarettes. I used to smoke cigarettes for years and I had no knowledge of them containing anything other than tobacco and menthol.

Information can be controlled; given or limited. People say, ‘Power to the People’ but if you only provide limited details, half-truths combined with the blame for random violence…suddenly you have an army of people ready to exact vengeance on whoever they choose!

Again – The ‘Power to the People’ phrase is not accurate if ‘the people’ are not fully informed. Although some literature may deliver some pertinent information, there seems to always be the underlying question as to what or who is behind the position taken and who is affected.

In many instances, the general public has been guided by informational sources taking many stands on different life changing issues. These positions are solely based on comments presented by so-called reputable sources. They never consider that it is possible for some facts to be withheld. Most simply accept. Yes, after twenty plus years of abuse, I decided to stop waiting… hoping for change.

To continue reading, please click here!

Please contact me using any of the emails, phone numbers and website contact forms at any of the following websites –

Note: Remember that those in positions have been able to thwart justice and hinder assistance using technology. Some of my calls are not getting through and some of my emails are not being received so please try to reach me and if I don’t respond please use another method of contact because I am very serious about obtaining proper resolution!

Phone: (702) 750-7190, (702) 750-7214, (702)860-0116

Email: tiwandalovelace@gmail.com, tiwandalovelace@outlook.com, tiwandalovelace@icloud.com,

Websites: http://7westproductions.com, http://sevenwestproductions.com, http://musicbizadirtygame.blogspot.com

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