SAMPLE: Little Girls Beware: A Guide to Surviving

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This title will focus on the upbringing and the differences between our daughters and our sons. This title exposes a centuries old ploy that is passed down through generations.  It addresses the stigma placed upon the females; especially, when in conflict with male counterparts. Everything that a young woman should be aware of in order to survive in a desensitized world where her value is measured by her appearance and/or others ability to profit at her expense.

I cannot speak for every other young girl but when I was young, it seemed like Boys had all of the privileges. In my time parents did not worry about their sons with the same energy as they did with their daughters. It was if they were allowed more freedom, more encouragement, more everything.

In addition, it was during our visits with my brother’s grandmother that I truly felt the gender difference. I am not sure if it was her resenting that she was not allowed to visit with her grandson unless she agreed to take us both or was it her own upbringing that led her to impose her views onto me. Whenever I would visit, it was always my responsibility to maintain the so-called ‘women’s work.’

While she coddled him and catered to his every whim as if he were ‘king’, I had the responsibility of making the plates for our meals, cleaning and doing the dishes. If I managed to hide my discontent well enough, I was able to help bake the cake. I believe that these visits played a key role in my views toward the opposite sex. I was confused and envious because of the benefits of being male were literally forced down my throat.

Even though I was confused and frustrated, I was still a girl. I was a girl who was forced to grow up like many, without a father in our home to protect, spoil and educate me on the ways of the world. Although I share my family’s history, I do not place blame totally on my parents because this society has a history of separating families and forcing single parents to perform both roles in low income families.

I had the same ideas about life that most girls who were attracted to the opposite sex. I had dreams of falling in love and finding the man that would whisk me away from my mundane life. I spent my extra time reading those romance novels and feeding my mind with thoughts of ‘true love.’

Being the lovesick teenager that I was back then, I always had dreams of true love and viewed men as if they held the key to happiness. My mother was over-protective of her daughters and at times very bitter with regards to men.

I learned from personal experience that it is extremely important to inform our daughters of exactly what could happen to them once they go down this path. There was a time that the worst that could happen was that our daughters could catch a curable sexually transmitted disease or get pregnant.

Now the consequences are much worse and even life-threatening; whether it is contracting a deadly disease or dying at the hands of a violent lover. There are a multitude of horrific things that can happen simply because you think a boy is cute or because you chose to trust the wrong son.

I had no idea of the emotional consequences and ramifications of my actions and choices being that I was sheltered and on a figurative ‘lock down’ since birth.

I swear it seems like some of these men hang out around the high schools or get some kind of mailing list because the men came. Each tried to run that ‘pimp game’ talk, right around high school. I almost allowed myself to get taken in by the attractive and seemingly sincere initial impression. I have been running from that lifestyle all of my life while looking for that mysterious thing called, ‘love.’

Most females put so much emphasis on relationships and don’t get it confused. There is nothing wrong with wanting Love but it is no different than any other vice.

In the title: Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story! I expand on this topic further by addressing the tactics and ‘love games’ used to dominate and exploit your desires as young women looking for love.

You actually believe that you have rights as a U.S. Citizen and you believe that no one can take that from you. Therefore, you jump in with both feet not aware of the blood-thirsty sharks that are in the ‘water.’

Even if you believe yourself to be street savvy, you can still be deceived into a false sense of security which can and usually will be stripped from you just because…they can.

Most importantly, you will need to be able to recognize some of the traps that can be used to control, sabotage and ultimately lead to your downfall.

“She’s Mine!”

I have been privilege to witness the innocence of children before they can be negatively impacted by others. I remember watching two brothers who had just settled into their new neighborhood. Back in the day, it was easy for children to find new friends. All that was necessary was for the child to step outside of their front door and the other children would flock to them.

Well this particular day, a neighbor came to visit the adults and brought their daughter with them. It was love at first sight because as soon as the two boys saw her, they both almost simultaneously uttered, “She’s Mine!” It was as if it was an instinctive and inherent part of being male.

The parents laughed as if it was ‘cute’ or adorable that the young boys were attracted to this little girl. Seemingly, innocent but as I look back on that incident and after experiencing that kind of possessiveness…I no longer think that it is cute for the opposite sex to view females as mere possessions or something to own.

It has become clear to me that if a child not older than five or six could feel compelled naturally without any coaxing that he could actually in some form, ‘own’ a female; we should be concerned.

With age, not much has changed with how women are viewed by men and other women.

In the title shown below, I expand on this topic further by addressing the tactics and ‘love games’ used against young women looking for love.


The topics below are meant to prepare you for the worst case scenario. They are some of the possible traps that can be used as forms of influencing and controlling you and can negatively affect your future goals.

While you are being raised completely different from boys, some of them are being taught by predators to prey upon your wants and desires.

Currently there is an epidemic where men are literally kidnapping young girls.  Young girls are literally being snatched, beaten, drugged and forced into a life of prostitution. Pimps are teaching other young boys how to play mind games and lure young girls with the prospect of love into a world of debauchery.

In the article shown below, this an example of how the unfortunate female victims rank in comparison with fluff piece news articles…

The article reads, in part:

After court, the victim’s mother said her daughter was also a victim of Sharpe’s manipulation.

“He’s a bad, bad man,” (victim’s mother) told the Review-Journal. She said her daughter was pregnant with Sharpe’s baby during the months she lived with him and the woman. Sometimes (the female victim) would leave Sharpe, but he’d coax her back with fake promises or threats, she said.

Kariah Heiden gave birth to Sharpe’s baby before she was jailed. Sharpe’s family has custody of the baby, she said.

“Now my granddaughter is living with that family of pimps,” a tearful Sara Heiden said.

Police said Sharpe is related to Raymond C. Sharp, a pimp given three life sentences by a District Court judge in 2012 for kidnapping and living off the earnings of a prostitute.

Sharpe learned in court he was facing 16 felonies, including kidnapping, sex trafficking and assault. He shook his head slightly and muttered to himself, but said nothing.

On Sunday Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith said prostitutes are often ignored victims in Las Vegas, whereas animal lovers often pack the courtroom when a dog is abused.

On Wednesday the Review-Journal was the only news outlet present for Sharpe’s hearing. Almost every outlet, however, attended the hearing of Gloria Lee, the woman accused of trying to set fire to her puppy boutique in January.

None of the puppies were harmed.

It is truly sad that people can place little value on certain major issues involving the abuse of women and children. I understand that all life is valuable but those pets were unharmed…

Clearly, priorities are twisted by society when ignores and/or justifies many wrongs.

The first mistake is to believe that it cannot happen to you!

Again, this is not just an attack on African American males because this epidemic is a worldwide problem, across many cultures and races. Everyone has to accept responsibility for the way we raise our daughters and for the way we allow our daughters to be treated.

People need to acknowledge and address the ugly truth that women are not disposable possessions to be sacrificed, persecuted or blamed for a centuries old problem that destroys nations.

This website, blogs, articles only provide information regarding the personal experiences and first hand knowledge. I am in no way attempting to know everything or provide any professional advice. The experiences of those who are willing to share should be valued and considered a ‘gift’ because this valuable information is hard to come by in a society where greed and hate reigns.

Unfortunately, it is easier to ignore the truth than accept that there is no justification for any individual to be subjected to the many coincidental civil and criminal infractions.

You should tell them to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from others and encourage them to read the whole story found in the following titles:

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Little Girls Beware: A Guide to SurvivingThis title focuses on the upbringing and the differences between how we raise our daughters and our sons. This title exposes a centuries old ploy that is passed down through generations to exploit our daughters.  It addresses the stigma placed upon the females; especially, when in conflict with male counterparts. Compares both points of views when dissecting views on interracial relationships; both, past and present. Everything that a young woman should be aware of in order to survive in a desensitized world where her value is measured by her appearance and/or others ability to profit.

Everything on these website and publications are true and they provide supporting documentation for all allegations. There is no disputing the information found on any of the websites used to expose the atrocities that have continued for decades. I also provide videos that support an unnatural amount of coincidental incidents of abuse, see:


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I guess that they do not want me to use their Affiliate Marketing program to share my business products and publications in an effort to create awareness of a growing problem.

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I have had people completely disregard the most heinous acts and mistreatment under the guise that my writing allegedly reflects poor grammar. I am supposed to be this uneducated, ignorant and unworthy individual who cannot compile a sentence. I am super stressed, constantly bombarded and subjected to repeated unnatural events who is trying to exercise her rights to live so I’m sure a few typos can be overlooked.

I am one person. I am the only person in the whole world that cares about my freedom and my struggles. I am using the only method that is available to me to fight for the right to exist and to be recognized as a human being. I copy and paste between articles. I am constantly having to battle and fight through major opposition, racism, sexism and stupidity. Everything that I release, write and share has to go through many programs, people and technology. I use spell-check and attempt to review every article. When I release my recordings, they reflect my thoughts and the message is far more important than the grammar used.

Please consider that the information on these blogs, websites and titles are in direct conflict with multiple entities and groups. I have provided a multitude of supporting documentation which clearly shows opposition. I do not know what you receive on your end but attacking my writing in blog post and pages is unnecessary. It is not applicable; especially, this article… because I proofed and spell-checked.  I am not really surprised but it is sad that they would take the time to tell me to correct invisible errors and then turn and block me from logging into their App.

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These titles address corruption and highlights the information which can be found at,,

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