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Other than denial and refusal to acknowledge, NO ONE has ever directly addressed Lovelace regarding the many allegations of misconduct and violations of criminal acts, civil and human rights violations. Lovelace has never received any monetary compensation for any of the copyright infringements, breach of contract or unfair trade practices. Lovelace was never consulted, communicated with, considered, notified or addressed regarding resolution in any of the matters provided herein and on this website or others!

There has never been any option for obtaining legal representation due to major entities involved and multiple events that officials disregard!

This website is an attempt to reach those within the legal profession or position to address and obtain proper resolution so that they may be able to review the information in full. These professionals will receive a login and password so that they may be able to access a good portion of documentation which supports allegations and shows good cause for representation while preventing public access.

Any interest, participation and/or response is not binding. I am aware that this does not constitute any legal representation in any of these matters.

The legal system, police and courts refuse to acknowledge any claims in any case spanning years and even recent criminal acts involving police or judicial misconduct…while the public is used to spread rumors to justify modern day enslavement.

The courts ignored actual violence and facts while attributing ‘violence’ to being a product of plaintiffs ovarian cystectomy (female surgery)…

There was individuals who were assaulted, shot, double homicides, etc…but no one addressed or acknowledged each incident.

I am not an attorney but due to most turning a blind eye, I have been forced to take matters in my own hands. I do not have to tell you how dangerous this can be but I refuse to be bullied out of my civil and human rights without a good fight.

I have reached out to many of the legal aids organizations but in spite of ‘obstruction of justice’ and many other unethical behaviors (which have clearly violated my civil rights)…some have attempted to use the statutes of limitations to dissuade the pursuit of justice. It is as if they are disregarding that the law stipulates that civil rights violations have no statute of limitations.

I am constantly misrepresented by those who are in a position to thwart justice and I do not have to tell you how people rally against you when suing governmental agencies; such as, the police. The first thing that is said is, “It’s YOUR tax dollars…” No one realizes that this only supports and condone continued civil rights violations.

Let’s not forget that the music business is a billion dollar so you can imagine what some people are capable of when there are hundreds of millions involved. In fact, this is part of the reason that this website is necessary…when seeking assistance, I have had repeated email and mail tampering. When your mail is continually, coincidentally delayed and diverted, this can interfere with your supporting documentation being fully received and without being tampered with.

I have been told that I am in the wrong country. I was told that I blamed the wrong people for my copyright infringements. It has been implied that I am the reason people have been negatively impacted: yet, I received no communication or explanation – just blame. Many blame ‘my situation’ on racism and sexism, while ‘my public’ has mocked, harassed and laughed while making it a point to imply that both; blacks and whites have united in denying any resolution due to possible violence stemming from onset. For decades, I have been told that nothing will ever change and that I should kill myself.

Every reason that can be thought of to induce public’s support in denying me resolution and some have even gone so far as to spread vicious rumors of me being a child molester (which is a lie). I am only guilty of attempting to exercise my civil and human rights that apparently a lot of powerful individual feel that I am not supposed to have because others are more popular! I have always worked, legally protected myself and secured proper documentation when conducting business.

I have not killed anyone. I did not create racism, sexism or corruption. I am a drug free (never had an issue), law-abiding citizen and I am of sound mind. Justice should not be based on popularity. It should never be justification for some to be raped, robbed, persecuted publicly or forced to be subjected to a life of servitude or to fight those who promote suicidal actions as a remedy.

Due to my personal experiences, I have found that it is best to utilize every method available in this tech savvy world to reach your goals. However, it is important to maintain discretion with important legal concerns.

I recognize that your time is valuable and I am prepared to pay a retainer.

If you are interested in providing any assistance or

If you are willing to provide a response to any of the legal questions posted or

If you would like to make a comment with regards to any post…so please feel free to comment or contact me.

After reviewing the information provided on this website, if any legal professional(s), groups or firms would like to consider making themselves available for legal representation…please reply:

Tiwanda Lovelace
P.O. Box 400001
Las Vegas, NV 89140
(702) 860-0116



Please contact me usin any of the emails, phone numbers and website contact forms at any of the following websites –

Note: Remember that those in positions have been able to thwart justice and hinder assistance using technology. Some of my calls are not getting through and some of my emails are not being received so please try to reach me and if I don’t respond please use another method of contact because I am very serious about obtaining proper resolution!

Phone: (702) 750-7190, (702) 750-7214, (702)860-0116

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