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This website was initiated In order to ensure that the information provided, attached and included within any request and listed as supporting documentation… reaches the intended legal professional(s) in full and without being compromised.

I am seeking legal representation and I have organized a substantial amount of supporting documentation to prove that I am being deliberately deprived of my civil and human rights and much more…

Although I do not live in each horrible moment, I have been subjected to continued loss of enjoyment of life, loss of employment, loss of residences, physical pain, mental suffering, grief, anxiety, humiliation, rape, and emotional distress.

For many years, I have been seeking legal assistance with serious violations of constitutional laws. Throughout the years, I have been given many reasons as to why no one will help me…I have been told that I am in the wrong country. I was told that I blamed the wrong people for my copyright infringements. It has been implied that I am the reason people have been negatively impacted: yet, I received no communication or explanation – just blame.

Many blame ‘my situation’ on racism and sexism, while ‘my public’ has mocked, harassed and laughed while making it a point to imply that both; blacks and whites have united in denying any resolution due to possible violence stemming from onset. For decades, I have been told that nothing will ever change and that I should kill myself.

Every reason that can be thought of to induce public’s support in denying me resolution and some have even gone so far as to spread vicious rumors of me being a child molester (which is a lie).

I am only guilty of attempting to exercise my civil and human rights that apparently a lot of powerful individuals feel that I am not supposed to have because others are more popular! I have always worked, legally protected myself and secured proper documentation when conducting business.

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