Orchestrated Revenge Hiding Dirt!

Created & Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace,  October 2018 – January 2019

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Hiding Their Dirt for Decades!

It is not important to me the ‘who’ but it is very important to explain that I have made every effort to try to correct this injustice.

Understanding the complexity of this world and its court system,
I reached out to many for assistance by providing supporting documentation and requested intervention from the beginning.

Let’s look at the facts:

Consider my family background of being raised separate as a Jehovah’s Witness. My father, Robert Heard currently serving a life sentence in Michigan for allegedly murdering a police officer – Stanley Rapaski and bar owner – Cass Czerwinski (also referred to as Casimir A. Czerwinski, Cass Czerwinski and Casmere Czerwinski). I don’t know who these people were but the media was very careful when mentioning his name or referencing the latter. 

I wonder if Cass Czerwinski, the bar owner and his family were influential, powerful people that could keep their names out of the press. I am still researching both parties; however, I can’t help but wonder if Czerwinski is related to Democratic Representative Joseph C. Czerwinski. 

That’s why everyone came for me and why I was wired up, kept in the dark and manipulated for years. A secret campaign was launched based on lies to destroy in an attempt to exact revenge. The victims, their friends and family who has been negatively impacted by all this carnage have been messing me over, my children and now my grandchild; like it’s my fault. While everyone turns a blind eye and pretends like it is justified. 

Everyone knew about the plans to induce suicide, the rapes as a child, the messed up –mother- who was listening to Jehovah’s Witnesses (NY) when it was decided no college for me. The only thing that makes sense as to why this much bad could be inflicted on one individual is…if it was all arranged.  

People say that others were trying to help but that was not help. You don’t help by hurting. They came to profit from this mess and fight over money. They took everything and then pushed me away or either treated me bad or showed ill-intent so I made it a point to remove myself. There was no communication so if anyone truly cared, it was not shown. I cannot read minds.

I didn’t plot revenge against anyone or induce harm on anyone just because I didn’t get my way. I didn’t seek out people to do my ‘so-called’ bidding; however, I didn’t run around kissing ass, either.  

Decades ago, my father made National news but I cannot get a lawyer to represent me after clearly proving that this ‘system’ and those in position did nothing to stop the attempted murder and deliberately induced deprivation of rights. 

Murder? Is that not what people run to punish and lock others up for committing but everyone can decide that allowing my attempted murder is acceptable? Every outlet from privacy violations, the public, television programming, radio, employers and people used their influence and power to inflict harm and induce suicide. I refuse!

My publications walk you through multiple incidences of violence and manipulated persecution. These publications expose almost every dirty deed conspired for profit and revenge which has led to further criminal acts; such as unfair competition, unfair trade practices, mail-tampering and more.

Clearly, those behind the scenes had come to agreement and the decision was made. because people used their influence and power. Every outlet from privacy violations, the public, television programming, radio, employers to inflict harm and to attempt to induce suicide. Many were physically hurt to persuade mass cooperation and cooperate, they have (at least where I’ve been!

Every adult knows how corrupt and evil this world is but I have to walk around subjected, persecuted and harassed for decades… People killing cops. Cops killing black boys and getting away with it. Child killer get major money donated for legal defense but I can’t get a lawyer. 

Every lawyer that I ever had in screwed me. Black people alienating me and stabbing me in the back as if I am the cause. Forcing me to live impoverished, without support (I cannot sell a $10 frame without the supporter being persecuted, too). Family betrayal due to financial gain or due to intimidation and threats. 

People laughing and mocking (periodically) saying, “it isn’t my money…” Officials turning a blind eye at corruption while looking to put me in prison in an effort to quiet the truth.  It looks like Motive to me…

National News Clippings:


This was national news long before this age of technology. Do you think that those negatively impacted and in a position to abuse power, wouldn’t?
I had no idea of what had happened or what was happening for all of those years that everyone was keeping information from me. All the while, those in the know had twenty years head start at telling their versions of events. While some were seeking revenge, they too were pawns in a plot that had begun decades earlier.
Everyone can tell lies and manipulate for decades but I don’t have to lie…I PROVIDE PROOF:



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See list below:
Lovelace vs. Zomba contacted
List of Attorneys, Organizations, and Agencies
DHL airway                Recipient
Info. / Delivery date and signature of agent
Bill no.
772707017012            Karen
Bragg/ Ticket Master /c/o Goldstein,
Wilshire, 7th Fl., Los Angeles CA 90010
– 03/06/1996, at 11:37 am, signed by Decker
77277017001              Attorney
General, Dept. of Law, Consumer Fraud
Broadway, 3rd Fl., New York, NY 10271
– 03/08/1996, at 10:55 am, signed by Williams
7930401651                Volunteer
Lawyers of the Arts/ Robert Libcke,
Griswold, Detroit MI 48226
– 03/11/1996, 11:23 am, signed by Matthews
77277017701              Freeman
Hawkins / Roger Goode, 4000 Sun Trust Plaza,
Peachtree St., Atlanta GA 30308
– 03/13/1996, at 10:59 am, signed by Johnson
8142801144                The
Honorable Judge Linda Warren-Hunter,
                                  565 N. McDonna
St., Decatur, GA. 30032
03/18/1996, at 12:57pm, signed by Vortice
8184537104                Attorney
Grievance Commission / Philip Thomas / A. Kuhne
                                    Suite 256, Marquette Bldg., 243 West
Congress Detroit MI 48226-3259
at 10:57am, signed by Buchanan
8184537093                Attorney
Grievance Commission / W. Neeley / J. Barney
256, Marquette Bldg., 243 West Congress Detroit MI 48226-3259
at 10:57am, signed by Buchanan
8184969726                Attorney
Grievance Commission / W. Neeley / J. Barney
256, Marquette Bldg., 243 West Congress Detroit MI 48226-3259
at 10:22am, signed by Buchanan
8184969962                Business
Volunteers of the Arts, Robert Libcke
Griswold, Detroit MI 48226
– 03/29/1996, at 9:47am, signed by Matthews
Lovelace vs. Zomba
List of Attorneys, Organizations, and Agencies (cont.)
DHL airway                Recipient
Info. / Delivery date and signature of agent
Bill no.
8184969951                Better
Business Bureau, 257 Park Ave., South New York NY 10010
at 10:15am, signed by Ojeda
8184969741                Attorney
Grievance Commission / Howard Hertz
256, Marquette Bldg., 243 West Congress Detroit MI 48226
at 10:47am, signed by Buchanan
9271866590                Ken
Burrows, 425 Park Ave., 26 Floor New York NY 10022
at 8:56am, signed by E. Addy
9271866586                Don
Wilson, 4929 Wilshire Blvd., #1010 Los Angeles, CA 90010
at 9:26am, signed by S. Girad
– Don Wilson returned package 03/11/1996
8865881905                Karen
Bragg c/o Goldstein, 3701 Wilshire Blvd., 7th Fl.
                                 Los Angeles, CA
                                 Delivered –
02/22/1996, at 10:09am, signed by K. Eubanks
8865881883                Zomba / Deborah Keegan, 137-139 West
25th St. New York NY 10001
02/22/1996, at 11:08am, signed by W. Corian
8865881894                Attorney
Grievance Commission, Suite 256, Marquette Bldg.,
                                 243 West
Congress, Detroit MI 48226
at 9:56, signed by D. Smith
8681158172                Federal
Trade Commission, Division of Marketing, Rm. 238
St & Pennsylvania Ave., NW. Washington D.C. 20580
at 2:39pm, signed by I. Hudgins
                 9736039725 –
Federal Trade Commission / Delores Johnson,
                                      Package returned
9649642623                The
Honorable Janet Reno, Department of Justice,
& Constitution Ave., N.W., Rm. 4400 Washington D.C. 20530
at 12:46pm, signed by B. Breitspr
9291390780                Prosecutors
Office, 1441 St. Antoine Ste. 1200, Detroit MI 48228
at 11:46am, signed by S. Johnson
8142801181                Attorney Grievance Commission /
J. Barney, Suite 256, Marquette Bldg., 243 West Congress, Detroit MI 48226
at 10:19am, signed by Buchanan
8142801166                Department of Justice,
Anti-Trust Division, Jacob K. Javitts Federal Bldg.,
                                    26 Federal Plaza, Rm. 3630, New
York NY 10278
                                    Delivered-04/09/1996, at 10:03am,
signed by Odonnell
8142801155                Better Business Bureau-New York
/ Mediation Division,
                                    257 Park Ave., S., New York NY
                                    Delivered-04/09/1996, at 9:01am,
signed by Ojeda
8184537082                Freeman, Hawkins / Roger Goode,
4000 Sun Trust Plaza
                                    303 Peachtree St., Atlanta GA.
                                    Delivered-04/15/1996, at 10:36am,
signed by Johnson
8184969796                Butzel Long / Michael Poterala,
                                 150 West Jefferson, Suite 900, Detroit MI 48226
                                 Delivered-04/23/1996, at 10:46am, signed by Burks
**This is one long list that consist of very prominent
attorney’s, groups and organizations. **

Recent DOJ Response to Request for Assistance 2015


I can understand why it is so important for this information
to remain hidden. If this was to be released, it would reflect poorly on each entity. It is probably because these are the same entities that are supposed to uphold and protect the rights of the people.

What kind of message would this send to the people? It would appear that the life of one individual in comparison to the prominent, upscale, influential people is most important.

The Courts clearly did not follow procedures. They ignored violence as shown below:

The legal system, police and courts refuse to acknowledge any claims in any case spanning years and even recent criminal acts involving police or judicial misconduct…while the public is used to spread rumors to justify modern day enslavement.

The courts ignored actual violence and facts while attributing ‘violence’ to being a product of plaintiffs ovarian cystectomy (female surgery)…


The Courts/Clerks ignored Fed. Rules and Procedures when obstructing justice as shown here:

COA CLERK DID NOT FOLLOW PROCEDURE because there was no docket number assigned and the stamp used was not initialed. In fact, when I question him about the Docket #…he gave me the copy of the first page that was stamped with different stamp and it was initialed. 

When I met with Kennerly (Court of Appeals Clerk) to give him the requested unbound copy, he provided me with a copy of 1st page stamped C.O.M. with a Docket # (finally) but it was nothing like the copy that the courts initially returned.

Bonus copy of INVISIBLE: Judicial Misconduct Exposed provides actual documentation that further proves blatant unquestionable misconduct!

See video proof: https://youtu.be/RVhmbb7336o?t=5m45s

The music business was used as a tool to exact revenge…


Music Business: It’s A Dirty Game!!! 
By Tiwanda Gail ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace

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